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Updated: 12/11/2020
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  • we have to go to Egypt
  • all man
  • mom where are you
  • Abraham made a covenant with god promising that if he and his family left Ur and travel to canaan that one day canaan would be the promised land. Years later a famine strike Canaan .Jacobs and his family field to Egypt. As the Israelite grew more numerous and practices Monotheism the pharaoh became mistrustful and enslaved them all!!!!!
  • leave
  • Moses was a Hebrew who was rested at the palace of the pharaoh of Egypt.he wanted to leave . The pharaoh would not let the Hebrews go.
  • Some of the punishments were sickness,swarms of insects and the death of the first born son. Still the pharaoh would not let them go.Moses tells the Hebrews to smear lams blood on there doors.
  • The hebrews to leave egypt . After the final punishment, the pharaoh told them to leave Egypt. Moses led them to the Sinai peninsula.The Freedom of Hebrews is called the exodus and is remembered during the week of Passover.
  • Back to there promas land.God gave Moses the ten commandments and other laws at the top of Mt Sinai.
  • Moses' assistant Joshua led the Hebrews into Canaan.They took over several smaller kingdoms. Some tribes settled in the north, south, and east.
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