Miisouri Comprimise
Updated: 6/15/2020
Miisouri Comprimise
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  • The territory of Missouri applies for statehood in 1817. This is important because with a new state being introduced, now there is a new state that has to decide between being a anti-slave or slave state. This is shows how the two opposing sides are acting separate from each other rather than working together.
  • Missouri applies for Statehood
  • James Tallmadge(Rep of New York) attempted to add an antislavery amendment to Missouri's legislation on February 13, 1819. This lead to a debate over slavery and the government’s right to restrict slavery. This shows how the north is trying to gain more "power" than the south which will lead to both sides being more separate than ever.
  • Lets Take advantage of this and make Missouri an Anti slave State.
  • I ,henry clay, will create the Missouri compromise.
  • The amendment passed the House of Representatives, controlled mainly by the North, but failed in the Senate, which was equally divided between free and slave states. Congress adjourned without resolving the Missouri question. This is crucial becasue it shows how divided the state is on this decision. This leads to an ever growing separation between the north and the south.
  • The Senate is split on this amendment.
  • December 1819, Maine applied for statehood. During this time there were 22 states( half free and half slave). With this, that meant that there were two states that were applying to be states, so Congress decided to take advantage of that and come up with a compromise.
  • Maine applies for Statehood
  • The Senate passed a bill allowing Maine to enter the country as a free state and Missouri to be a slave state. While this temporarily resolved the conflict, it only made the disconnect between the north and the south greater. This would lead to being one of the reasons the civil war occurred.
  • The Missouri compromise caused the North and the south to be more separate than ever. The North had a a sense of unity on the idea that that slavery was unconstitutional and a violation of natural rights, while the South felt unified in the idea that they had inherited slavery as a major component in their way of life.This sense of unity would lead to the civil war.
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