story on the road
Updated: 12/18/2019
story on the road
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  • There was a man and boy walking on a road that seem to never end this man and boy didn't know the time or date and just kept living life the same we each other
  • The father realizes that he won't be able to stay with the son for long because he is getting sick and he doesn't know who is going to take care of him when he dies but he knows he has to keep going
  • As they continue on there walk the man and boy stumble upon a shed that had food,water,and supplies to last a little while as they both stay there
  • As soon as they leave the shed the father feel like someone is following them but didn't know where and a very strong fog came and the boy and father heard a little boy and try to get the fathers son but the father kept on going and his son wanted to see the other boy but the father left in hurry and son started to cry because he wanted to see the boy
  • The father dies from a sickness and leaves the son all alone
  • A man comes to him 3 days later with a family that is a safe distance away says that the boy has two choices to come and live or stay with the father and die the boy goes with this man and realizes that this was the man that was following him the entire time with boy and the dog
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