Unknown Story
Updated: 4/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The creature told Victor that he was trying to quite william down but he accidentally killed him. Victor and the creature came to an agreement that Victor would make a new creature so that the old one won't be lonely.
  • Victor started to make the new creature and then he tore it to shreds in front of the other creature. The creature got mad and said he would kill everyone that Victor loves.
  • Victor was going home to Elizabeth and he found Henry dead with black marks around his neck. He went home and Elizabeth and him were in their house. He told her to go to bed and Victor heard a scream. He ran to their room and he found Elizabeth dead with black marks around her neck.
  • After Elizabeth died Victor rushed home and told his dad. His dad died because of how sad he was. Then victor went on a ship to get to the creature and he didn't make it. Victor died on the ship.
  • The creature went to visit Victor when he was in his casket and he started crying. He was so sad that he decided to burn himself so no one will have to look at him again.
  • He went somewhere that there aren't people and burned himself. Victor didn't get his revenge and the creature didn't get his either.