Beowulf Comic Strip
Updated: 10/4/2018
Beowulf Comic Strip
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  • Beowulf I am so happy to see you! My days of terror can now be rid of me.
  • I can assure you that they will soon be over, for I have come to slay the terrible monster Grendel.
  • I Beowulf have slayed the terrible Grendel by mortally wounding him and ripping off his arm and shoulder.
  • Aeschere has been attacked by Grendel's mother who is out to avenge the death of her son.
  • Do not worry king Hrothgar I will go after Grendel's mother and kill her.
  • I Beowulf, have fought a hard battle against Grendel's mother. Now the monstrous she-wolf is dead.
  • I have returned home and become king of Geatland, now there is a dragon terrorizing my kingdom. The dragon will die by my hand.
  • Although I am mortally wounded I was able to slay the dragon with the aid of Wiglaf. After I die I want a monument built in my honor for all to know who I am.
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