Tom Sawyer Theme Analysis
Updated: 12/2/2020
Tom Sawyer Theme Analysis

Storyboard Text

  • Social Status
  • Human Nature
  • Human Nature
  • The new boy in town is dressed well, and Tom is jealous. He decides to beat him up
  • Superstitions
  • Tom has a “pity party” for himself because he is upset that Aunt Polly reprimanded him
  • Freedom
  • Tom shows off to impress his new crush, Becky Thatcher
  • Considering Others
  • Dead cats, spunk water, and split beans can get rid of warts
  • Tom runs off to Cardiff Hill, an abundant green hill, as a result of his stress, where he can relax and dream of becoming a pirate
  • The townspeople assume Tom and Joe have drowned and are searching for them in the river, the boys begin to consider the people who care about