Plot twist English assessment 2
Updated: 11/26/2020
Plot twist English assessment 2

Storyboard Text

  • Surely he's read that note before.
  • Turn to the back of your notebook Felix!
  • Ok. Huh something fell out.
  • Dear Felix
  • Is that the note?
  • Felix, its a secrete note!
  • Dear Felix
  • I wonder what is says.
  • I've never seen this piece of paper before.
  • Dear Felix
  • I wonder why that piece of paper fell out of his book.
  • Barney, Felix and Zelda move to the kitchen so Barney can get food and water for Felix.
  • Dear Felix,I wrote this letter to address a few things that your mother never told you. Your dad is not your birth Father, you have been brought up to think this to protect you from what will happen in the future. if your reading this I'm so proud that you finally found this and are reading it. you have a half sister and her name is Zeldrina but we call her Zelda for short, she has the same colour hair as you, although she's never met you I know that you two will get along very well. I hope that your mother takes good care of you. Your probably wondering who I am and why I wrote this letter for you, like I said before it is to protect you from what i like to call them 'The Evil Men'.Sincerely from your birth Father Barney
  • Barney is my real Father?
  • dyrgerigheougnprvhbgpeiughaugvphgfe pyirfughfegoi[ nefhig her[uow
  • What's the matter Felix? What's wrong with the story?
  • Barney takes Felix and Zelda back down to the basement.
  • I thought you read the note ages ago and that's why you cam with me to my basement. How did you find Zelda?
  • I thought you where just trying to protect me that's why you told me to go with you. i found Zelda in front of her house and her parents where shot, but she wasn't.
  • What are they talking about?
  • Felix reads the note to himself.
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