US Government Part 2
Updated: 3/16/2021
US Government Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Hi guys! We're back for learning about the US. Gov. Part Two!
  • Federal Government: The Federal Gov. is our national government. It is the only government that can declare war, print money, etc. This also uses the three branches of government.
  • Local Government: Local Governments are made of councils. They are different from Federal and State Governments because they do not group into the three branches. They govern stuff that are smaller than states.
  • State Government: Governments that govern specific states and use the three branches to divide the power.
  • This is the Federal, Local, and State Gov.
  • Checks and BalancesChecks and balances are made to equalize the powers between the three branches of government. The legislative branch makes law, the executive branch vetoes it if the president doesn't approve of the law, and the judicial branch decides if the law is unconstitutional.
  • This is pretty fun!
  • I told you!
  • BYE!