The last dog

Updated: 10/16/2020
The last dog

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • Brock finds an extinct animal called a dog in a very dangerous place and starts to build a bond.He then brings the dog back.
  • climax
  • scientists want to do dangerous and cruel tests with the dog
  • falling action
  • He finds out about what the scientists might do to it and comes up with a plan to get bit by the dog so that they think he gets rabies
  • resolution
  • Brock bites the dog so that the dog bites him and the scientists go away
  • Brock and the dog run from the lab and everyone stays out of the way without stopping them
  • They go back to the mountains and find out that it was actually not dangerous at all and that there is a chance that there are more dogs there.