Updated: 5/27/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Three nights after Old major speech, he dies peacefully and is buried at the foot of an orchard. 
  • Animalism
  • After the motivational speech, the animals started hosting secret meetings in the barn to teach the others about the importance of Animalism and start the preparation of the rebellion
  • Mr. Jones spent more of his day drinking and watching tv. He fed time to time on beer-soaked bread.
  • One day, Mr. Jones returns home drunk as usual and goes to sleep without feeding the animals. Infuriated, they break down the store shed and help themselves to the bin. This wakes up Jones in an instant.He and his men go to see whats going on, only to be thrashed and kicked by the animals. They were surprised as this had never happened before. They try to put the animals in control but they failed. Seeings they cannot control it, they went in flight mode and ran away in a cart. Mrs.Jones seeings the scene, packed a few of her items in a bag and ran away.
  • The animals could not believe their good fortune for few minutes. Taking this in, they rejoiced. Then, all the things that reminded them of Mr.Jones