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Updated: 10/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Welcome to the Hellenistic age! We have great buildings, loads of statues, and beautiful art pieces.
  • Alexander the Great founded many cities and they were named after him. His greatest achievement was that he spread Greek culture across the Mediterranean 
  • Yay! We're all Greek and we got new cities.
  • Pythagoras originated in the hellenistic age. They advanced in math and science because they had a good place to study. 
  • 2+2=44+4=88+8=16!
  • Hippocrates was always trying to fid a cure for illnesses. They also created an oath that was to help the sick and not harm them. That oath still lives today.
  • The cultures during this time period were very diverse. They kept to themselves and welcomed anybody that wanted to be apart of their culture.
  • Not only did women do things around the house, they also got the opportunity to learn how to read and write. This was beneficial because everyone in the community could be well educated.