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Chapter 5 "The Outsiders"
Updated: 11/12/2020
Chapter 5   "The Outsiders"
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  • Where are you Johnny?!
  • Went to get supplies. - J.C.
  • No, Johnny not my hair!
  • They'll have our descriptions in the paper, we can't fit them.
  • It will grow back Ponyboy.
  • Shut up about last night. I killed a boy last night. How do you live with that?!
  • Remember last night...
  • Stomp
  • When Ponyboy woke up at the church, he thought he had dreamed up the events of last night. Then memory washed over him like a wave. Ponyboy noticed the Johnny was gone, he looked down and saw a note written in the dust.
  • The Southern's sound nice.
  • Yea, they are very gallant.
  • They remind me of Dally.
  • When Johnny came back to the church, he emptied his bag. Inside was cards, Gone With The Wind, food, soap, and Peroxide. Ponyboy realized what Johnny was planning to do. Without his hair, Ponyboy thought he lost his identity as a Greaser.
  • Nature's first green is gold. Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower, but only so an our. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief. So dawn turns to day. Nothing gold can stay.
  • How do you remember that?
  • After cutting and bleaching his hair, Ponyboy sat down by Johnny. They started to talk about their home where all of there friends were. Ponyboy said how great last night was before the Socs found them. Then Johnny snapped. He was yelling as loud as a truck horn.
  • The Socs?
  • Cherry?!?
  • Yes.
  • For the next four or five days Johnny and Ponyboy pasted the time by playing poker and reading Gone With The Wind. Johnny got more meaning out of the book than Ponyboy, which surprised Ponyboy. He learned that Johnny wasn't dumb, he was just slow.
  • One morning Ponyboy woke up early and went outside, Johnny followed him. They both stared at the sky, there were many different colors, pink, grey, and gold. The gold made him remember a poem he had read.
  • I remember it because I don't understand it.
  • After a day or two, Dally came to the church. He brought Johnny and Ponyboy to a near Dairy Queen. Dally told them that Cherry Valence, a Socs, is helping and defending Ponyboy and Johnny. Ponyboy was aghast.
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