Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Dear Mrs.Lord Tremaine, we are inviting you and your 4 daughters and son to our royal ball hosted this Saturday. REMEMBER BST DRESS/SUIT WINS A GRAND PRIZE OF 250K
  • Cinderbella! Do their chores and don't even think about leaving the house or calling anyone over.
  • Hi, I'm Cinderbella. I live in Los Angeles with my step-mother and 3 step sisters. My father passed away in a car crash about 2 years ago. My mom passed away giving birth. So, I'm stuck with my step-mother and step-sisters until I can move out. I have a step-brother and he is like my brother from birth. But he isn't around much.
  • See you later loser!!
  • Right now, I'm doing my step-moms work for her. By doing so I look through her emails, answer them, complete any chores that my step-sisters haven't done so I technically work for them. There isn't much I cant do about. I would move out but I'm only 17 and I have to wait one more year.
  • While I was reading the emails, one in bold letters popped up. I knew I had to answer it ASAP. As I read it I was in disbelief. "250K" If I won that money I could buy my own apartment or maybe better, A HOUSE. But I knew for sure, that my step-mother wouldn't buy me a dress nor would she let me go. I finished up and headed to my room.
  • My step mother and sisters were always rich and wealthy but their fashion taste was terrible. In school all the boys would flirt with me because of my personality and looks and my step sisters would always be jealous so my step mother transferred me where no boys could flirt with me which is slightly impossible. Anyways they were going to shop for dresses and I knew the perfect one I would wear, my mother's wedding dress!
  • It was the night of the ball and I had to help all of them get ready. They headed off I couldn't do anything because I had no ride when suddenly. My step-brother showed up on his motorcycle he said that he was going to leave his motorcycle there and call an Uber. He asked why i was still in my work clothes and I told him I wasn't going. He