devavratha's vow ig
Updated: 2/7/2021
devavratha's vow ig

Storyboard Text

  • will you marry me?
  • dear maiden I have fallen in love with you
  • you must speak with my father
  • only if Sathyavathi's children ascend to the thrown
  • sorry I cannot accept that
  • can I marry your daughter?
  • don't worry I will handle this
  • Shantanu narrated the story to his son, Devaratha
  • since King Shanthanu wants to marry Satyavathi and you are afraid my children will ascend the throne, I VOW TO NOT GET MARRIED OR HAVE CHILDREN
  • Satyavathi and Shanthanu get married and Devaratha is known as Bishma for his vow
  • since you helped me, I grant you a boon to choose the time of your death
  • thank you father