Unknown Story

Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • You have a new classmate, please introduce yourself to the class
  • Maayong Buntag! Ako si Jourdan galing ako sa Cebu City, nice to meet you all and I hope we get along.
  • Hi seatmate, I'm Tristan nice to meet you!
  • Nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends!
  • Really? That's nice! You will surely enjoy, there's a lot of tourist spots there.
  • Of course! I heard your from Cebu, it's one of my dream travel destinations!
  • Yes but I want to learn a bit about their language which is Bisaya so I can enjoy my trip and fit well to my surroundings.
  • I can teach you some basics, if you want!
  • That's nice to hear! We should start at the greetings and courtesies!
  • Really? I'd love to! I was planning to just search on Google and study by myself. But learning from someone who is a native speaker and knows their culture will be so much better!
  • Okay, I'm ready to learn!
  • Okay so, Maayong Buntag means Good morning. Then just change Buntag to Hapon, that means Good Afternoon.