Updated: 9/12/2020

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  • Christopher ColumbusColumbus found the 'New World' by accident in 1492 went he was trying to sail from Spain to India.
  • Alonso Alvarez de PinedaPineda came from Jamaica. In 1519, he became the first person to map and explore the Texas coast.
  • Hernan CortezCortez was from Cuba. In 1519, Cortez started his adventure in North and South America. He conquered the Aztecs, taking their gold and making Spain rich.
  • Cabeza de VacaCabeza de Vaca came from Mexico to Florida in 1526. He shipwrecked in Galveston in 1528. He was given shelter and food by the Karankawas. He arrived in Mexico City in 1536 and told people about a fabled city of gold.
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  • CoronadoCoronado went to Kansas in 1540 to find riches and gold. He instead found the Grand Canyon. He did not find gold though and became a failure to the Spanish.
  • La SalleLa Salle was a famous French explorer. He arrived in Matagorda Bay in 1685. In 1687, La Salle was killed by his own men.