Updated: 10/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • So Mr Selwana, how was your learning experience for LES as a first year student?
  • It was difficult at first as I didn't know anything about blackboard and online learning. But as time went on it became flexible and I started to enjoy the module. I was able to watch lecture and tutorial recordings at any time to catch up on the things I didn't understand.
  • What can you say you have learned in this module LES module?
  • I have learned the skills to write academically and also to think critically. It wasn't easy to learn this things yoohh !!
  • Yooh thank God you're leaving! I'm tired of your questions. Anyway, I will the academic writing skills throughout this degree, especially when writing essays and then use critical thinking skills when reading.
  • I have one more question for you before I leave. How will you use what you have learned?