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Full Circle Comic Strip
Updated: 9/25/2019
Full Circle Comic Strip
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  • Exposition
  • BEEP BEEP!!!
  • HONK!!!
  • California Freeway Interstate 5
  • Incident and Conflict
  • CRASH!!
  • BANG
  • California Freeway Interstate 5
  • Rising Action
  • This looks like the same truck but the pain is stripped off of it.
  • The settings throughout the story are in California on Highway and in Town. The Main Characters in the story are Kinsey, Caroline, Judy, and Terry.
  • Climax
  • On the freeway, an accident happens that causes a young girls (Caroline) death. Caroline's mom soon figures out that her daughter was shot and wants Kinsey (who was there when the accident happened) to look into the case since she is a private eye.
  • Falling Action
  • California Freeway Interstate 5
  • Throughout the days Kinsey receives a lot of information and after talking to Caroline's roommate she knows Judy is hiding something. This, in turn, leads Kinsey to the Layton's house to then find the same truck from the accident in the garage in the back.
  • Resolution
  • California Freeway Interstate 5
  • As Kinsey is leaving to go talk to the cops she realizes that the killer is Terry who is Caroline's ex-boyfriend and Judy's brother.
  • Its Judy's brother
  • Kinsey, in turn, starts to chase Terry through town and eventually onto the freeway which causes him to crash.
  • SQUELL!!
  • CRASH!!!
  • Squell!!!
  • Terry then dies at the scene of the accident by hitting a crane that is fixing the sign that Caroline hit. This is at the exact same place that Caroline died.
  • Oh my gosh!!
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