whats my plan cle

Updated: 10/6/2021
whats my plan cle

Storyboard Text

  • I wish i didnt have to rely on otheres and burdon them all the time
  • I could get my licence. that way i dont have to raliy on others and burden them.
  • This is really hard. Im so stressed
  • Stryder and myself are going for a drive in there care. I find myself being terrified of there driving. Don't get me wrong they are a good driver but sometimes its scary being in the passenger seat. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be a burden to others.
  • I cant bealeave i faild the test
  • I did it. I passed the test
  • When I got home and went up to my room I remembered that I can get my drivers license. Or at least try for it and get my L. I was so exited and feeling ready to do this but I was also worried that my anxiety would get it my way.
  • the next day i got right to studying and boy was it hard. I didn't let that stop me though I really wanted this. This was a step in my life that I was ready to take and I couldn't wait. I was very stressed though.
  • When I passed the test I was so relieved that I did it and when I looked back at the time before when I didn't pass remembering how bad I felt really made me think about how I feel about myself. This was a big accomplishment and I am proud of myself for not giving up.
  • When I got my L I was so exited I had to tell Stryder and go for a drive with them. From there on I practiced driving as much as I could to be ready for the N test in a year. Exited and relieved I kept trying
  • Taking my N test was very stressful but I did it. I passed my test and took my first ever drive by myself. I felt free like no one and nothing could or was holding me back.