Battle of New Orleans
Updated: 2/15/2020
Battle of New Orleans

Storyboard Text

  • Sir, our blockade has been extended to New England
  • Good, make sure that American merchant ships won't pass through our blockade. Also make sure to check neutral ships since the Americans are bypassing with neutral flags. WE MUST WIN THIS WAR FOR BRITAIN!!!
  • Oh shoot, our profits have taken a hit after the British block trade with Europe. We are probably gonna be in the streets.
  • What should we do?
  • Risk of losing our jobs
  • Profits
  • And to prevent the pesty British from seizing our goods
  • Risk of losing our jobs
  • Profits
  • Since trading overland will be much harder and expensive
  • I think the best option in this situation is to produce our own goods.
  • Great news! Our profits are starting to stabilize. Maybe our company won't go bankrupt after all because of this war.
  • Looks like the US economy is starting to boom, even after passing a war. Our bussiness are making goods that are worth millions each year
  • Too bad the British is trying to flood the market with cheap products to get thease local bussinesses shut down
  • I'm starting to feel proud about our country having a good economy and fending off Britain
  • Yeah, I think so too. I'm starting to feel the effects from the factories
  • I feel like we're gonna have some type of Revoulation