Marco Polo
Updated: 10/28/2019
Marco Polo

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! I'm Marco Polo.
  • I'm sending you to represent me.
  • Really!?
  • This is Marco Polo. He lived in the 1200's which is the Medieval times.
  • After Marco, his father, and uncle set out for china they spent 17 years there. Where Marco told stories to Kublai Khan, who was the ruler of china.
  • It is the man of 1,000,000 stories.
  • Yes, Yes it is I.
  • Look everyone it is il milione
  • Kublai Khan liked Marco so much. So he sent Marco to represent him at a political meeting.
  • Then when i was about to jump on the boat...
  • Once I get out I should make a book about his journey
  • In 1292 Marco, his father, and his uncle went back home. They took 7 ship to get to Venice, they arrived in 1295
  • When Marco got back he was called il milione (man of 1,000,000 stories)
  • Marco Polo was arrested when Venice and Genoa. In jail he told his stories to Rustichell, who then made a book about the stories called " The Travels of Marco Polo"