Social Studies

Updated: 2/28/2019
Social Studies

Storyboard Text

  • Reconstruction
  • Ma, Pa, where did all the slaves go? Where is Cecile and Marie?
  • They got freed, Yvonne. That is why Cecile and Marie are not here anymore. We should not be worried about them though, our home is damaged, we are running our of money, and our state is in shambles.
  • We are in the reconstruction era.
  • Radical Republicans
  • We are the radical republicans! We want slavery to be abolished as fast as possible!
  • Thank you so much! Us escaping was a miracle. Slavery needs to be abolished fast!
  • Freedmen's Bureau
  • we will help you get jobs and help for you!
  • thank you so much!
  • A young child asks her parents where their previous slaves went, and her parents are explaining what happened to South Carolina
  • Lincoln's Plan
  • did y'all hear lincoln's plan? he needs 10% of our voters to vote into the union before we can rejoin.
  • Radical Republicans talking to freedmen 
  • Johnson's Plan
  • Johnson wants us to have our own hand at slavery and no political power for freedmen.
  • People from the freedmen's bureau explaining what they do. 
  • Constitution of 1868
  • We finally have some power from the Constitution of 1868!
  • Someone explaining what Lincoln's plan is.
  • Someone explaining what Johnson's plan is. 
  • People explaining what the constitution of 1868 is.