The Witches

Updated: 8/27/2021
The Witches

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Mia Grullon Grade 3 8/27/2021 My Favorite Part Of The Book This is the annual meeting of the witches of england. The Grand High Witch is angry that the witches haven't gotten rid of all the children of england, A witch sitting in the first row talk back to The Grand High Witch and she decides to burn her as they always burn one witch on each annual meeting.

Storyboard Text

  • A shudder went down through the audience.  The Grand High Witch was clearly in a ugly mood and they knew it. I had a feeling that something awful was going to happen soon. . "I am having my breakfast this morning," cried The Grand High Witch, "and I am looking out of the window at the beach, and what am I seeing? I am asking you, what am I seeing? I am seeing a revolting sight! I am seeing hundreds, I am seeing thousands of rotten repulsive little children playing on the sand! It is putting me right off my food! why have you not git rid of them?" she screamed "Why have you not rubbed them all out, these filthy smelly children?"
  • "Who said that? Who dares argue with me? It was you, was it not?"
  • "All of them! We can't possibly wipe out all of them!"
  • The Grand High Witch took a quick step forward, and when she spoke again, it was in a voice that made my blood run cold. " A stupid witch who answers back Must burn until her bones are black!" she screamed "No, no!" begged the witch in the front row. The Grand High Witch went on, "A foolish witch without a brain Must sizzle in the fiery flame!" Save me! "cried the witch in the front row. The Grand High WItch took no notice of her. She spoke again. "An idiotic witch like you Must roast upon the barbecue!" "A witch who dares says i'm wrong Will not be with us very long!" A moment later, a stream of sparks that looking like tiny white-hot metal-fillings came shooting out of The Grand High Witch's eyes and flew straight to the one who had dared to speak. I saw the sparks striking against her and burrowing into her and she screaming a horrible howling scream and a puff of smoke rose up around her.
  • "A stupid witch who answers back Must burn until her bones are black!"
  • "I didn't mean it, Your Grandness!"