water cycle
Updated: 3/12/2020
water cycle

Storyboard Description

story of the water cycle for science.

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, my name is Bob, I have been going throw the water cycle for billions of years. I've been through dinosaur pee. Ive been here before humans were even a thing! I'm about to start a new cycle! let me show you around this cycle!
  • Currently, I'm groundwater but, I'm getting filtered into the lake and turn into lake water as the gravity. Now gravity is pulling me back into the soil. A few weeks or months later, I'm getting filtered back into the lake as lake water.
  • I see a rhino coming over. He's now drinking me. Now he's peeing me back out. I'm getting excreted into the soil. Now get energy is making me evaporate into the lake!
  • Now I see a giraffe! He is now drinking me. A few hours later I'm getting respired out of the giraffe. Now I'm getting evaporated!
  • A few weeks later, I am getting condensed into the Pacific Ocean! Once you are condensed from the clouds, it takes years to get back up to the clouds again.
  • Not all cycles are like this. Water cycles can go any ways and you just keep repeating it over and over again because there will always be the same amount of water on Earth then there was 3 billion years ago.