Updated: 11/24/2020

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  • How Churches Function
  • I want to be the next pope!
  • What the Citizens Owe
  • 10 Percent of Your Crops
  • These are our crops! I better hide them.
  • There was a drought, this is all we have.
  • I need to feed my family
  • Joining the Church as a Noble
  • My 7th son, today you will be a Archbishop
  • NOO! I wanted to be a noble.
  • No, you have to start as a Deacon and then you can climb the ranks.
  • The Church had their own hierarchy which determined each individuals career as a Church individual. For this reason, individuals had to slowly climb up the social ladder. Individuals at the bottom were known as Deacons and they were mere scribes. It then went Priest, Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinal and finally the Pope.
  • The Afterlife
  • Serfs during this time period often faced many hardships when they worked. Things such as droughts or famines could cause them their lives. They had to give 10% of their crops and if they didn't give it in, they could be executed. Families who didn't produce enough food hid a lot of their food.
  • The Fight for Power
  • The king and queen often had multiple children because the possibility of death was common. This meant that only the top four sons had a shot of becoming the heir to the throne. The other sons were usually married away or sent to the Church to establish better relations.
  • The Money of Churches
  • I need the approval of the church
  • The Church uses fear to incentivize individuals to both behave and listen to the church. If individuals sinned, they would suffer in hell for all eternity. If they were relatively good and donated a lot of money to the church. People who repayed their sins were able to go to heaven after being in Purgatory for a bit of time. Purgatory is an eternal darkness
  • Please let me free, I didn't do anything wrong I promise
  • The Monarchy often fought with the Church for power over citizens. The king was the legitimate ruler but because Christianity was such a popular religion, many people supported the pope. This caused multiple disputes with the Church taking away the power of the king and vice versa.
  • I am the king, I HAVE ALL THE POWER
  • Although the Church was a large and powerful entity. They still needed large amounts of money to buy things such as large buildings (churches), and paintings/objects. They usually collected the money from donors which were usually rich individuals that wanted good ties with the church. The church wasn't perfec5t either as they were corrupt. Money would grant you the power of being able to make it to Heaven.
  • Donations PLEASE