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Unknown Story
Updated: 1/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha Gautama was born between the 6th and 4th century B.C he was son of a wealthy king and queen named Suddhodana and Maya Gautama they lived in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. It was prophesied that the young Siddhartha would either become a ruler of India or become a holy man since his father wanted him be a ruler, he isolated him in the palace and for 29 years he lived in bliss and was protected by the smallest misfortunes of the outside world.- 
  • when he left the palace for short trips he met 3 types of men a sick man, an aging man,and then a dying man and he saw the normal indeed inevitable parts of the human condition the will one day effect him too. Fascinated and horrified he made a forth trip and met a holy man a person who learned to seek spiritual life in the middle of human suffering and inspired by by the holy man he left the palace for good.-
  • After he left the palace he met other holy men and almost starved himself to death by avoiding all physical comforts and pleasures like them but it didn't bring him comfort from suffering he remembered when he was a child when the grass was cut near the river the bugs and insects and their eggs were all destroyed when saw them he felt compassion them and reflecting on his childhood memories and he felt a strong sense of peace and then he ate and meditated and reached the highest state of enlightenment Nirvana.-
  • With Nirvana he became the "Buddha" the "awakened one" the Buddha awoke by identifying from dead ants to dying human beings is tied together by suffering he decided people should live in moderation instead of having luxury and comforts altogether he called this the middle way this allows maximal focus on having compassion for others who are seeking enlightenment then he made the four noble truths the 1st truth is suffering and the dissatisfaction in the world 2nd truth is cause by our desires 3rd truth we can surpass suffering by managing or removing our desires and keeping a positive outlook 4th we need to learn the 8 fold path has series of aspects of behaving right, right view,right intention, right speech, right action,right livelihood,right effort,right mindfulness,and right concentration and after his death the Buddhas followers put his teachings into scripture it expanded through east Asia and China.-
  • In 3rd century B.C an Indian king named Ashoka grew disturbed by ht wars he fought and decided to convert to Buddhism he sent monks and nuns far and wide to spread the practice Buddhism spread throughout Asia and eventually the world and split into two main schools Theravada Buddhism which took place in southeast Asia and Mahayana Buddhism which took place in China and northeast Asia-
  • Today there are more than a half a billion Buddhists in the world both east and west following the Buddhas teachings and seeking enlightenment and a compassionate state of mind.
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