Critical Listening (Resa and Deuis)
Updated: 3/8/2021
Critical Listening (Resa and Deuis)

Storyboard Description

Resa Nur Azizah (195110500111002) Deuis Erisca (195110500111012) Storyboard for Critical Listening C

Storyboard Text

  • Once, there were three smart boys in a school namely Sameer, Kunal, and Karte.
  • One day, Sameer found a cow chewing a plastic bag on his way home. When he arrived home, he searched on the internet and found out that plastic materials have taken over the world
  • Sameer told his friends about what happened, and they had an idea. Then they started to talk to their classmate about the danger of plastic materials
  • Resa Nur Azizah and Deuis Erisca Critical Listening C
  • Together with the school, they make a change about the behavior of plastic use. They started to make paper bag to decrease the use of plastic
  • Sameer all of the people involved, posted the paper bag on social media and gained a lot of attention
  • Days passed, and the need for plastic bags in the school decreased. They even started to sell their paper bags in the school canteen. Now, they had successfully made the school plastic free