Newton's laws
Updated: 1/15/2021
Newton's laws

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Mr. Newton. In school I was just learning about your laws but was slightly confused, can you help me understand them?
  • Well of course, they were my ideas. Come over here and ill give you examples.
  • So what happened here?
  • In my first law, I state, An object in motion, stays in motion until acted on by a force. Here we have a man who drove his car into a fire hydrant.The man flew out of the car because no force stopped him from moving. The fire hydrant was the force that stopped the car but there was no force stopping the man.
  • Bonk
  • Ouch
  • This is my second law of motion. The net force on an object equals mass times it's acceleration. That's why that apple falling on your head hurt. Since it was a larger mass, it had more weight. This caused more force to be applied to it. This also allowed it to pick up ore speed as it was falling, therefore making a larger impact into your head.
  • Woah, what's happening here.
  • This is my third law, for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. The two cars are going to crash into each other and watch what happens.
  • Epic!
  • See, both of the cars had an equal reaction. They both flipped over on their backs and went the same distance back. This shows that they had an opposite, but equal reaction, just like my third law says.
  • Do you have a better understanding of my laws now?
  • Yes I do. Thank you for giving me real world examples so I could understand them better.