British India
Updated: 1/31/2021
British India

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  • British East India Company Est. 1599
  • The East India Company was founded in England in 1599 and soon began building trading warehouses in India.
  • India wasn't a united country and there were many small states. The BEIC sometimes asked for permissions to trade but sometimes didn't.
  • May we trade?
  • In 1757 Robert Clive persuaded an Indian general to fight with him and overthrow Siraj-ud-Daula the ruler of Bengal. The battle was won and Siraj-ud-Daula was captured and killed. This gave Britain control over Bengal.
  • Robert Clive was treated as a hero in England. He was sent back in 1765 and slowly took over India bit by bit and defeated the French.
  • By the 1850s, the British ruled about 60% of India. The British banned traditional Indian ceremonies. Some people in India disliked British rule.
  • Many people were distressed by the cultural changes which then became worse with the new rifle cartridges. Then, on 10 May 1857, the Indian Revolt began. There was a long year struggle until the rebels surrendered on 20 June 1858.