Erica Feige Reaction to AT Videos
Updated: 7/14/2020
Erica Feige Reaction to AT Videos
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  • For the video titled "Maya Finds her Voice," I found a few things interesting. First, I liked that the parents found Early Intervention services for Maya and took advantage of that. However, it was interesting that no one mentioned AAC as an option to the parents. It is important that as educators, we are always trying to find ways to support our parents outside of the classroom like we would support our students inside of the classroom. For the ProLoQuo App, although it is beneficial, it can be a very expensive app to purchase without district funds or insurance. This can be an issue for low income families. The App is also very difficult to set up if you are not familiar with AT. The family would need extra support on how to use this App at home.
  • In the video "Only God Could Hear Me," I was inspired by the way Chris Klein narrated his life and his struggles. He also discusses the way he overcame these struggles. Assistive Technology really helped Chris find his voice and become a productive citizen in society. This goal is essentially what we want as educators for our students. We want to provide opportunities for our students to "find their voice," by whatever means necessary.
  • In the 60 Minute Interview Video titled "Apps for Autism," it pointed out many ways the iPad helped facilitate how people with Autism communicate. The new advances in technology, especially the iPad provides many advantages for people with Autism to engage with others effectively. The iPad App Proloquo2Go allowed Josh to increase his participation at home and at school. It also allowed Josh to make more choices and become more independent. Seeing his happiness from discovering the App and the iPad was so inspiring to watch.
  • In the video titled "San Francisco Bay Area," it detailed experiences of people with disabilities that have become artists. Art is a form of language. Through art, these people are able to express themselves freely. Through art, they are able to communicate. This video was inspiring because if we as educators provide opportunities like art for our students to express themselves, they are able to feel self-empowered, therefore, they are able to feel a sense of worth in the world.
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