Life In Rome
Updated: 6/4/2020
Life In Rome
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  • Aqueducts
  • Free Food
  • Entertainment
  • Aqueducts throughout the city supplied the people with free water. These aqueducts were convenient and supplied the people with not only drinking water but bathing water as well.
  • Bread and Circus
  • People who lived in the city were given free food to make sure they were happy and would not rebel. This food was grown by farmers who lived outside of the city.
  • Farmers Taxed
  • Since many people in the city did not work and almost every other day was a holiday, type people didn’t have much to do. That’s why entertainment was essential. People watched gladiator fights and chariot races
  • Farmers Not Motivated
  • Since many days were holidays and there was so much entertainment there was no work being done in the city.
  • Since no work was getting done in the city farmers in the provinces were taxed heavily to provide for the people.
  • Since almost all of the farmers surplus crops were being taken the farmers weren’t motivated to get better. There was no point for the farmers to try and get better at farming and grow more food since it was all being taken.
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