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  • This is a transform boundary this is when two tectonic plates slip or pass by each other energy can be saved up for a long time but the effect this has is usually fast but can take a long time to finish.
  • The only thing's that are involved here are tectonic plates, the convection currents under the tectonic plates, and anything that is on top of that tectonic plate like living and non-living organisms.
  • butter
  • The formation that i'am showing you is when two tectonic plates slip by each other and when this happens the ground where it happened cracks and look like if you went with a ruler and separated the land.
  • I know this is a transform boundary because the earth shifts and when it does a earthquake happens and like i said before a transform boundary is like you used a ruler and separated the land.
  • jam
  • What is involved here are convection currents the tectonic plates and what ever is above the plates.
  • This is a convergent boundary this is when two tectonic plates collide picking up large rocks and soil creating what we call mountains.
  • free
  • The formation here is when two tectonic plates collide together forming mountains think it as if you are piling sand at the beach but you grab a hand full of sand with one and in the other more sand and you put your both hands together make a cone shape with your hand and you made a sand mountain
  • I know this is a transform boundary because if two sturdy things colide agaisnt each other they will rise and if they rise the ground rises which is how mountain ranges and mountains are formed.
  • hugs
  • This is a divergent boundary it is when two tectonic plates separate from each other and make valleys trench's  canyons and almost anything that is a crake on the earth
  • The only things involved are the two tectonic plates again the convection currents underneath and anything that is on top of the plates.
  • split in
  • I know this is a divergent boundary because if the ground splits then it diverges and if you separate a cake in half that will make a canyon if that cake were two tectonic plates a canyon would form if it was on land and if it was under water then a trench.
  • The formation here is when two tectonic plates diverge making a line or crake on the earth think it as if you grabbed two rulers or anything that is straight stuck them in the ground and bragged them making a hole or small canyon depending what you use.
  • Half
  • This is chemical weathering but this also works with mechanical weathering.  water is slightly acidic so when it interacts with  rocks or anything this can happen over the course of time and that can take about tens and thousands million of years. For mechanical weathering water can just collide against a surface and over the corse of time it should win.
  • The things involved are water and the ground and thats pretty much it.
  • Well I sure i' am wet.
  • I know this is chemical and mechanical weathering because since water is slightly acidic and acid is made to melt things like metal and stuff so if water stays in one place for a long time eventually the acid it has will start taking affect. It is also mechanical weathering because if something hits something enough times for a long time eventually it will ware down and something like this will happen.
  • The formation here is two the first i will say is mechanical and think of it as if you had a cardboard box with hundreds of layers of more cardboard boxed and you got water and pored a drop each day eventually you will have a hole. for chemical its the same thing but with acid.
  • This is another form mechanical weathering it is when two solids interact and one breaks down the other 
  • The thing involved in this example is a tree and a rock this can also happen with moss and some others.
  • I know this is mechanical weathering because if you use brutal force you will eventually make a hole or what ever you are trying to do.
  • Think it as if you had a cupcake and stabbed your finger into it from the bottom and it split in half.
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