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Updated: 3/13/2020
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  • EXPOSITIONElie's family is introduced and Moshe as well. They live in the small town of sighet when Elie becomes interested in learning Jewish Mysticism. Moshe is willing to to teach him.
  • CONFLICTThe war has continued for three years and Sighet is wondering if its getting closer to them or if the war will end. Foreign Jews are deported including Moshe. Moshe returns and warns sighet people but they don't listen.
  • RISING ACTIONThe German soldiers enter Elie's town and form ghettos. They learn about concentration camps and Elie and his father take a three day journey in a cattle cart while with Mrs. Schachter who is screaming about the fire.
  • CLIMAXElie's family arrives at Birkenau then to Auschwitz, then off to Buna to work in an electrical factory. Women and men are separated. Ellie loses his faith and hope during this time.
  • FALLING ACTIONAt this time at the camp Elie's foot gets operated on and the camp begin their death march and evacuated. Elie and his father depend one each other to survive on a fifty mile run to Gleiwitz.
  • RESOLUTIONIn Buchenwald Elie's father dies. Elie feels relief and sadness. Elie survives but loses himself because of what happened.
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