Uchiha's lesson of jealousy.
Updated: 1/12/2021
Uchiha's lesson of jealousy.

Storyboard Text

  • Sasuke! I need you to take over, and plant the crops whilst I go to the next Uchiha's Corporal meeting
  • I will bring your brother Itachi, he will help you in the process, I will pay you both. I expect a lot from you two.
  • Yes, father. I'll work till I reach my limits.
  • Oh, man! Look how much open space there is! Have to plant a lot, I hope Itachi shows up soon..
  • Sasuke began planting the crops, hoping Itachi will show up, he worked hard but Itachi never showed up.
  • At last, I have finished after 2 hours, but Itachi has still not showed up, what's taking him so long? It's getting dark.
  • Sasuke finishes planting all the crops, all there is left to do now, is water them, he hads down to the uchiha waterfall to get the water, then he gets greeted and surprised.
  • What took you so long!? You left me doing all the work!
  • Sasuke!?Itachi!?
  • I was on my way-I uh-
  • Why do I get the usual payment? I did most of the work, Itachi arrived late, and left me doing everything-
  • Hey, you two! I was looking for you guys everywhere, I assumed i'll find you guys here, I checked the farm, awesome work, I left you both the usual payment
  • Sorry father.. Forgive me, Itachi..
  • Sasuke. I've done you no wrong, take what belongs to you and go, even those who are converted late in life recieve equal rewards, as well as the early, have no jealousy towards other converts, and be patient with them; forgive them.