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809. Velez Autumn. LifeOrDeath
Updated: 5/21/2020
809. Velez Autumn. LifeOrDeath
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  • Aight bet. We can chill till she gets here then
  • Aight bet we can chill until she gets here * instant yelling and extreme crackhead energy*
  • Yo chill y’all doin too muc- who just hit me with that paper
  • Weird... Ms. Brown isn’t here yet-
  • Sure, what are you stuck on?
  • Could you help me with something? Ms. Brown’s gonna kill me if my h.w isn’t finished..
  • Question 5. I-it doesn’t make any sense
  • Oh.. okay. It’s not TOO bad. Btw don’t cut me off
  • What’s the question?
  • Oh! Well that seems easy enough-
  • And I have to determine if it’s infinitely many solutions or one solution or no solution
  • 8(j-4)=2(4j-16)
  • Alright so first, we have to solve the equation before we can determine anything
  • Perfect! Now common sense would tell you- I mean um sense you see the same set of numbers on each side, what does that tell you?
  • I do know 8(J-4)=2(4j-16) will turn into 8j-32=8j-32 after being distributed.
  • *exhales In disappointment*. If the EXCAT SAME numbers are on BOTH sides of the equation. What does that mean? You’d get one side Of the equation to match the other side
  • *Shrugs in utter confusion*
  • Ooohhhhh! That means it’ll be infinitely many because both numbers are being shown on both sides. Which means if I was to solve the equation fully the answer is the same/equal.
  • Excatly- I think Ms. Brown is here. Oh now y’all wanna get quiet.. typical
  • *Ms. Brown’s cheery out of breath voice* GOOD MORNING 809.
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