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Greek Mythology
Updated: 9/23/2020
Greek Mythology
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  • In the beginning there was nothing to mankind. Only darkness which was home to night and where death dwells.
  • Earth was then born from love and light. This where creatures started roaming the Earth, natural disasters, and seasons.
  • Earth created Heaven. Father Heaven and Mother Earth then create all other life, first producing a host of terrible monsters
  • Cronus (Father Heavens son) , kills Father Heaven, and the Titans rule the universe. Cronus, learning that one of his children is fated to kill him, eats each one as he or she is born. His wife Rhea, upset, hides one baby by replacing it with a stone for Cronus to eat instead. This infant eventually grows up and becomes Zeus
  • Zeus has to defeat tons of mythical creatures with the help of one of his kids Hercules and is successful. There's still no humans but it's now ready for mankind.
  • Zeus actually hated mankind and killed all humans by flooding them all
  • kill all humans
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