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Updated: 2/1/2020
Classroom Scan
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  • Homewrok + Notices Thursday, January 30, 2020 1) Math 6 P 92 # 1-6 2) Math 7 Mr. B P.179 #1-39 I Mr. F Math Test3) GSLIPs due Feb 13 Welcome to4) French 6 Ms. Gresham5) Show report Cards to parents 6) Science StressProject
  • Hi guys, you can call me Ms. Hauszner's classroom Spyder. I know all there is to know about her class and students. I'm always hanging around. Here, let me give you a tour.
  • Ok, somethings not right. Usually the class has 27 students and each of them have their own desk and chair. Their desks are usually in 6 groups. Three of the groups have five desks and three of the groups have four desks.... they must have swapped stuff around while I was napping. 
  • The students in Ms. Hauszner's class are very nice and respectful! They are hard workers who sometimes get off task while using technology. They're social, can you blame them for having fun with their friends once in awhile? Oh ya and Ms. Hauszner does let the students use their own devices for in class projects if they don't have the school ipads available. All in all Ms. Hauszner's class is full of kind students who look out for one another and their teacher. 
  • Ahh theres a spider on my hand!!
  • Can you see me I'm way down here! I got flung across the room, I guess Ms. Hauszner's student's don't like spiders. Oh! look! On the board, it's the block after lunch and Ms. Hauszner has put on CNN 10. Ms. Hauszner plays this everyday after lunch. The students are waiting for their school to get a shout out by the talk show host!
  • CNN
  • 10
  • We have a little class library too! Sometimes students come here to get s book during the 20 minutes of silent reading after recess! 
  • Class Rules1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn #WorkHard2. Respect Ms. Hauszner, the classroom, your peers, guests and yourself #BeKind3. Be responsible for your own learning #NoQuittingAllowed4. Clean up after yourself and your peers #NotYourMom5. Use electronics responsibility #DigitalCitizenship6. Be great role models #BeTheChange
  • Hey! Check this out I just found Ms. Hauszner's Class Rules. Ahh someone spotted me! I gotta go!
  • Ew a spider! Someone kill it!
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