Scary short story

Scary short  story

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  • A Little girl with her friend go to the amusement park but the clown startsto follow her and her friend with an axe and tries to kill them
  • Michelle and her friend Niki go to the amusement park on the way, they feel like someone is watching them. A shurb is starting to move its like someone is in the shurb. They stopped.-"who is this?!" Niki said. The shrub is still moving but when Niki starts to go to who is in the shurb, they heard something and the shrub stop moving. -"Ummm that has fast..." Michelle said with really scared face. -"now we need to go!" Niki said and they went -"wow look so Mányoki clowns here!" Michelle said. -"yeah but look one of them is staring at us"
  • The clown was scary and the amusement park has. But the girls didn't know that was crazy -"Okay... anyway, let's jut go to the amusementpark".michelle said. They were having fun but the clown was following them and whispered something but the girls didin't heard that. -"wait look Michelle. The clown following us!"Niki said. The clown is giggled at first, but then, he started to laugh really loud. The clown had a red wig and a scary smile made of makeup. The clown started to rum after the girls -"WAIT! he has an axe in his hand!"They started running but the clown hit them and attacked them. Niki had flash light in her pocket so it shone into the clown's eyes the axe was taken and ran away. The amusementpark closed down. It was later revealed that the clown was an old man who was a psychopata.
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