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Updated: 10/1/2020
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  • Don't count the days; make the days count.-Muhammad Ali
  • Thanks, see you in a bit.
  • Hey, you going to the game with Jenny today?
  • Yes sir, good luck, you got this man.
  • John
  • 7:38
  • Yeah, tonight at 4 right?
  • " 'Hi, do you-', no...'Hey, the game is tonight-' no not that either...' Hey, I'm going to the game, do you want to go with me? ' , yeah I think that's good..."
  • Kevin wakes up for school and changes into his school clothes. After changing clothes and getting ready, he checks his phone for a message that his friend John sent him.
  • "Hi! Do you, uh, I mean I'm, um, going to the football game later today, do you want to come with? I feel like it would be, um, pretty fun with you."
  • Oh, sorry, I didn't expect to go to the football game today, but I have some free time. You should still go to the game, I'll let you know if I can go!
  • Kevin checks his messages and sees that his friend John is asking if he is going to the football game at school at around 4:00 PM, right after school. Kevin has been meaning to ask out Jenny, who he has known for a little over two years, for some time now.
  • On his way to school, Kevin thinks about how he will greet Jenny and ask her to go to the football game with him. He runs through several scenarios and second guesses himself many times.
  • Hey! Looks like I could make it after all. Here, I saved a seat for you!
  • During passing period, Kevin sees Jenny while walking to his fourth period history class. He decides that it was the right time to ask if she was going to the game since he rarely sees her in person at school. She says she didn't have plans to go to the game but will consider it.
  • Kevin constantly checks his phone throughout the school day to see if Jenny is going to the game. He checks his phone again after school in the library. Unbeknownst to him, Jenny, eager to go to the game, walks quickly towards the football field.
  • Kevin decides to go to the game anyways in hopes of seeing Jenny there. To his complete surprise, Jenny is already there and was waiting for Kevin to come to the game so she could surprise him. She has saved a seat for Kevin and they are able to watch the game together like he hoped.
  • Wow, I've been so lucky today!
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