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Media and Interactionist Theory
Updated: 6/25/2020
Media and Interactionist Theory
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  • Hi! I'm Celia and I really enjoy longboarding. I just recently got into it because my boyfriend told me about it! This is one example of how the interactionist theory plays out in popular culture and in everyday life!
  • One way that this shows interactionist theory is because I had an interaction with my boyfriend who introduced me to it. He's really good and even though I am just beginning, he is helping me and bringing me into the community of longboarding! It's amazing!
  • I have met so many great people because of him. Now I feel like I have my own niche community to help me get better. It's important to know that our knowledge and experience of pop culture (longboarding in my case) is often learned by social contexts. For example, I really wanted to try something that my boyfriend likes, and he chose this for me. It wasn't because I thought it was cool at first, but because I care about him and want to relate to him more.
  • I don't have my board now, but I would show you what I've learned. It's all thanks to that once incentive that led me into a new interest. I'm watching new videos online to help me learn too. I'm also getting into the fashion of it, so Pinterest is helping me look like I know what I am doing.
  • Since I am a beginner, I have found myself attempting to seem less like a novice. This is my "social self" or essentially a performance so I don't get judged so harshly. My boyfriend says its ridiculous because everyone started at my level but I get a little self conscious of other's impressions of me when I'm riding.
  • These concepts apply to everything! From fashion, music, movies and video games to anything you can think of. Many things become popular through micro-level communication and sharing.
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