King Henry the 8th
Updated: 11/25/2020
King Henry the 8th

Storyboard Text

  • Because you wont have a boy.
  • You must annul my marriage !
  • I will not annul this marriage, you must get a divorce.
  • But why ?
  • You have too much power! Why can't I rule the church ?!
  • Only I can interpret the bible, I hold the most power!
  • Henry Tudor was born in 1491. In 1509 Henry became the King of England when he at 17. Henry was homeschooled in philosophy and theology as a boy, perhaps that is why he became such an influential religious figure.
  • Thomas what should I do ?
  • You must make your own Church
  • In 1533 King Henry wanted to annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boyle, because Catherine wasn't having a boy. The Church wouldn't' permit the annulment. Henry got a divorce and Catherine was the first of his six wives.
  • The King also felt he should rule over religion in England. He wanted more power to individuals and less to the hierarchy of Bishops, Archbishops and Priests. Anglican Priests are also allowed to marry.
  • Henry split from the Catholic Church and made his own Church where royalty has power over everyone. It was called the Church of England. He did this with the help from Thomas Cranmer, who wrote the book of common prayer, a sacred Anglican text.