Shay's Rebellion
Updated: 12/16/2020
Shay's Rebellion

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  • Shay's RebellionBy: Emma Ickes
  • They took everything! All because I can't pay these stupid taxes! I am a war vet! I shouldn't be treated like this!
  • n
  • They took everything from me too! I'm broke! We need to let them know we are done with the unfair treatment!
  • Daniel Shay
  • Let's try to right to them first! We just fought a war, I don't want to fight another right away.
  • It won't work, but let's try.
  • We must fight!!
  • They won't listen to our words, so it's time to fight back! We will not stand for this treatment!
  • Let's go men!!
  • We don't have the power to send in troops to fight them!
  • We should probably change the Articles of Confederation!
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