Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Henry gets home to see Karen and his dad on the couch sharing a drink. Henry really hates Karen so he gets really mad. Henry was feeling almost guilty, so he was trying to bringing his mom into the conversation.
  • When Henry's dad wasn't trying to talk about his mom, Henry stormed outside. He forgot about shoes and didn't realize it was storming outside. He was getting soaked and wasn't too sure what to do. He seen Mr. Attapatu and he was invited inside to warm up a little.
  • He didn't know if he should go inside, but he did anyway. Mr. Atapatu offered him barfy (which is a curry type food) and a drink. They got to talking and Mr. Atapatu didn't even ask him about being outside during the rain. Just then I noticed that Henry was feeling more comfortable with his "creepy" neighbour.