Mughal Empire Comic
Updated: 2/2/2021
Mughal Empire Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Babur Sweeps into India and Starts the Mughal Empire (1526)
  • Attack! Conquer!
  • Akbar's Tolerance (1556 - 1605)
  • You may still practice whatever religion you'd like under my rule.
  • Nur Jahan's Control (1611 - 1627)
  • We need to be strong to conquer!!
  • Babur is significant to the empire because Babur started and laid the foundation for the Mughal Empire. Without Babur, the Mughal Empire wouldn't have been started or founded, and he wouldn't have brought his religion with him into India.
  • Shah Jahan/Taj Mahal (1628 - 1658)
  • We need to assassinate anyone in line to the throne so no one will take me over.
  • Yes sir.
  • Akbar was a very significant leader because his tolerance and acceptance of other religions and beliefs caused everyone to be happy and get along. He had fair taxes, got rid of the non-Muslim tax, and shaped a good economy.
  • Cultural Blending
  • Off to trade!!
  • Nur Jahan was a very good leader who understood her use of power and conquered a lot of land in India by being strong and violent. She made many influential decisions that benefited the Mughal Empire.
  • Aurangzeb's Intolerance (1658- 1707)
  • We have no more money left! I have to start taxing non-Muslims more!
  • One of the most significant things that Shah Jahan did is that he killed off all of his ancestors in order to secure the throne as king of the empire. He also built the Taj Mahal, which is important because the cost of the Taj Mahal lead to the Mughal Empire having no money in the future
  • Cultural blending was a very important part of the Mughal Empire because Different cultures were spread through trade, architecture, and arts. For example, Buddhism was spread through trade, different arts and architecture were spread through the Taj Mahal, and languages were made such as Urdu as a combination of different languages.
  • Aurangzeb's rule was significant because the empire had no money left, so he had to start raising taxes on Hindu people, demonstrating his intolerance towards other religions. He pushed Islam on the empire, which lead to people being unhappy, and the end of the Mughal Empire as a whole.