Steps to mumification
Updated: 11/4/2020
Steps to mumification

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  • The First step to mummification is to dose the body in water and salt
  • Next we scoop out the brain. using a hook through the nostrils
  • next we cut open the body and remove all organs except for the heart. everything was then stuff in canoptect jars one for each organ.
  • we then fill the body with mur cassias and other spices. Then we put in a special salt called natron for eighty days.
  • we then stuff the body with sawdust and linen to make the body go back to its original shape
  • then we give the body false eyes and a wig to make it more life like. we then cover it in a resin mold put line bandages on it. then make a mask of the face of the person place it on top. Then slam dunk it into a stone sarcophagus like you see here and be done with it.
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