The Story of New Beginnings
Updated: 2/17/2021
The Story of New Beginnings

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  • The Story of New Beginnings.
  • Class, please welcome Elias, he comes from Egypt.
  • He speaks very little English, so be polite.
  • Hello
  • Ew, he talks so weirdly.
  • His accent is so nasty.
  • Yeah I know right.
  • Class, can we please be kind to Elias. It must be hard to start afresh.
  • I wish I was back in Egypt.
  • Elias is a boy whose family has recently moved to the United States of America. He is getting to know the culture and the language
  • For for real though, say something else buddy.
  • H-hello guys.
  • Bruh, it that all you can say?
  • I'm embarrassed for you.
  • I think she's right guys...
  • Some of Elias' classmates aren't responding well to his thick accent...
  • What is happening...
  • No! She's not. We're just having a little fun with Egypt boy.
  • Just harmless fun.
  • Guys, stop! What you're doing is so hurtful.
  • Don't you remember being the new outcast kids?
  • Mrs. Geller, isn't very efficient in stopping the teasing, all she can hope is that he doesn't understand the other student.
  • Don't thank me. I'm Maya, nice to meet you.
  • No, I really think she's right
  • Thank you
  • We were created as equals and should treat others as such.
  • We're so sorry too.
  • Sorry Elias, we weren't thinking.
  • Maybe we could be a little nicer...
  • Mrs. Geller steps out while Elias is having trouble with making new friends. They find it funny that he struggles with things they find easy.
  • Maya, a girl in their class, decides to interfere and step in to help Elias. She reminds them that they were once in his shoes, but has trouble getting through to some of them
  • Maya finally breaks through and they realized what they did. Maya and Elias end up becoming good friends while the others apologized and asked for his along with God's forgiveness.
  • Try to remember that you used to be in his shoes. It hurts. We have to be more loving.