newtons laws
Updated: 5/18/2020
newtons laws

Storyboard Text

  • a pilot one day is flying a plane when a bird flies into the window. the bird falls off and the pilot realizes how physics acted in that situation, she decides to explain it to her co-pilot
  • she explains to him that what they saw was newton's first law. It was his first law because the bird was in motion and would have stayed that way, but since it ran into them its course changed.
  • soon they land and they part ways, but the pilot kept thinking bout how newton's laws, and how she saw them in everyday life.
  • she thinks about the times she has used the newton's second law in her life. she remembers the time she played tug of war with her friend, it was newton's second law, because since she pulled harder, her friend accelerates
  • she realized she also used the third law in her life as well! she relizes that every time she sits in her chair in her chair on the plane, the chair pushes against her with the same amout of force that she pushes with.
  • The End!