World Studies
Updated: 12/7/2020
World Studies

Storyboard Text

  • Japan attacks pearl Harbor, killing many people, destroying many ships and the base.
  • Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor
  • After the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States Congress declares war on Japan.
  • Congress Declares War
  • The United States go to Japan to fight by island hopping. Island is where you fly from island to island refueling until you get to Japan. One they got to Japan they started to fight.
  • The US Goes to Japan to Fight
  • The United States drop their first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing many people and destroying a lot of buildings.
  • The United States Drop Their First Atomic Bomb
  • After Japan didn't surrender the United States dropped another bomb on Japan killing many people again.
  • The United States Drops their Second Atomic Bomb
  • After the second atomic bomb dropped Japan decided to surrender in fear that the United States would keep on dropping bombs
  • Japan Surrenders
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