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Genghis Kahn’s life
Updated: 10/12/2020
Genghis Kahn’s life
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  • The beginning
  • Blood Brother
  • Unwavering love
  • Temijen’s mother was married to his father after he took et her captive they had Temijen he was named after a soilder his father killed. When temijen was 14 he was taken with his father to find a bride. They found a girl named Borta. But after they got Batrothered his father was poisened. After that the tribe left them and they fought to survive in the wild.
  • The betrayal and new names
  • There was a young boy a little older than Temijen but they would become blood brother 3 times. Once when they were kids once when they were teens and once when they were adults. This boys name is Jhemica
  • Concerning China
  • Borta was betrothed to Temijen when they were younger around 14 or 15 . After Temijen had exscapted from his captors he went to see Borta she had waited for him all those years. Even though he was an outlay her parents still let them get married. Btu it wasn’t happy for long Borta had to sacrifice herself to keep everyone else safe. He would later get her back with help from his fathers friend and his blood brother.
  • The End
  • After they rescued Borta Temijen and Jhemica decided to combine their Klans Jhemica was a Khan at this poit. Jhemica Khan, Olk Khan and Temijhen decided to unit all the klans of Mongolia. This worked until Jhemica decided not to show and used status over Temijen. After this Olk Khan and Temijen told the people in Jhemica’s klan if they wanted to come with them they were welcome to. Most of the people chose this and then Temijen not long after named himself Genghis Khan.
  • After awhile the climes stared to change due to the sun this cause a huge climate change. This started the Mongols to move south they had mastered hourback riding and traveled and uncharted speed for this time. They got to China Genghis Khan was leading them they all were united together. They captured and forced Chinese engineers to make a battering ram they eventually got threw trade became safer.
  • Genghis Khan died in the Year 1227 he was put in a secret tomb but no one knows where and still haven’t been found to this day. He has 16 million men in deractly related to him because of how many women he was involved with. He was also blamed for what happened to Baghdad but he wasn’t alive and it was his son’s fault.
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