Neolithic Era slides
Updated: 2/14/2020
Neolithic Era slides

Storyboard Text

  • This is our village. Like i said the river over there gives us irrigation and everyone has a different role. Specialized jobs.
  • We trade the surplus of our food with the village across the river.
  • And the men do the hunting, I'm guessing.
  • Women usually work in the houses;cooking, cleaning, making clothes. Or they are in the fields planting and harvesting.
  • Yes, men do the hunting and take care of the animals. You can go join them now.
  • Why can't women hunt?
  • We water the crops every day to make sure they grow tall.
  • If everyone hunted there would be no one here to take care of the crops and the village.
  • Hunters are high up in the social hierarchy because we are very important.
  • Some men are the writers for the village leader and his family. They're higher up than us.
  • Welcome to the village. Here we are like a family.